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A Unique Facility with Unique Needs – Feisst Electrical and the Avantidrome

The Avantidrome is one of only two indoor velodromes in New Zealand – and the only one in the North Island. Completed in February 2014, the facility features a 250 metre indoor cycling track with a range of complementary facilities: a kids’ bike-skills park, café, and fitness centre.

This range of offerings, makes for a unique facility with unique and varied requirements – and that includes electrical work. With hundreds of kilometres of wiring, specialised lighting rigs, electronic timers, security and IT electronics, Avantidrome’s electrical and cabling design and installation was very complex. Lighting for the huge indoor track includes 356 light fittings, many set into a ceiling 15 metres above the ground. There are also electronic timers for riders to monitor their pace, a security system with keycard entry for staff, and IT systems for the Avantidrome itself, the bike shop, and the café outside.

With years of experience and expertise in designing best-fit solutions for unique projects, Feisst was the obvious choice. They brought their expertise to the project right from the beginning. It meant they were able to design an electrical solution that would suit the Avantidrome, and then work with construction teams to install electrical components and wiring.

"We were extremely happy with Feisst’s service"

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Excellent, very approachable, exactly what any commercial company needs from an electrical contractor in terms of service.

Knowledge, experience, expertise

The Avantidrome is a busy facility with over tens of thousands of visitors every year. To make sure all these visitors have the best possible experience, and to minimise downtime for the facility, the electrical and IT systems have to be maintained to a very high standard. Any faults or outages can mean closing fo the day, disappointing visitors, and costly delays for events.

Because Feisst Electrical was on the Avantidrome build team, they installed all the wiring, phone and IT lines, lighting rigs, and security systems. This means they have full knowledge of the setup, so they’re the best people to maintain and repair the electronics on an ongoing basis. This is invaluable when it comes to getting things fixed and back on track as soon as possible.

Rochelle says that using another company for maintenance and repairs would be very difficult:

“Having someone else come in, it would be a nightmare to try and understand it, so working with these guys that know everything is perfect.”

Great service every time

According to Facilities Manager Rochelle van Enter, Feisst has been reliable and consistent from the beginning. They understand the pressures the facility is under, and make repairs a priority. They have a regular staff member who manages the maintenance jobs, and she has built a strong relationship with the Avantidrome team. The work is done quickly and efficiently, to avoid disruptions to the public using the facility.

Rochelle puts it like this:

“They are reliable when we need them, here when we require them, and as a result of their knowledge and experience, it allows the job to be done very quickly. They know exactly what needs to be done – reliability and efficiency are the two key factors.”