Duncan & Ebbett

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High-End Cars, High Quality Service – Feisst Electrical and Duncan & Ebbett

Duncan & Ebbett is a high-end car dealership with locations in Hamilton and Tauranga. They sell new and used cars, supply replacement parts, and service vehicles.

Duncan and Ebbett was set to develop a huge new site in the Hamilton suburb of Te Rapa – a project that would expand their footprint by four or five times.

On top of the complications usually involved in relocating a business, Duncan & Ebbett was facing a build of enormous complexity. Their new site was very large and mostly undeveloped. It meant they were building from the ground up, turning bare earth into a premium car yard. This major construction project would require new builds, fencing, plus high-level security equipment and electrical work.

Duncan & Ebbett understandably required experts on their construction team who could manage a project of this scale and complexity.

"Marcus at Feisst is onto it, and getting one person to do the whole lot has made life really easy."

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Excellent, very accommodating, easy to deal with and get stuff done. It’s been a very seamless process.

A Full Service

According to owner Craig Duncan, Feisst Electrical was the obvious choice. He was impressed with the expertise demonstrated at every level, and liked that Feisst offered a full range of services – not just standard electrical work.

Feisst easily stepped up to the task of managing the electrical, cabling and security side of the build. They designed and installed electronics, IT cabling, phone systems and security cameras for the new site.

Craig says having one company to manage all these services made the project run very smoothly.

Proactive Problem Solving

Craig explains that when their build project ran into issues with fibre installation and a supplier slowing things down, Feisst was able to step into the breach.

Through his contacts in the industry, Marcus got a contractor in to resolve the issue quickly. Side-stepping what could have been a lengthy hold up saved time and money, helping the Duncan & Ebbett team stay under budget.

Craig explains: “There have been some hiccups that are nothing to do with Feisst Electrical or their end, but they’ve been able to help fix them.

An Ongoing Relationship

The new Duncan & Ebbett location is set to open in December 2017. After acting as a valuable partner in the building process, Feisst Electrical will stay on to maintain their electrical and security systems, and install any new electronics as needed.

Craig says that the team has been extremely happy with Feisst’s service.