New Zealand’s first large-scale vertical farm, Greengrower, is located at Waikato Innovation Park in Ruakura.

The 5,900m² vertical farm production facility grows leafy green plants in stacked layers from seed right through to harvest.
Of course, this means tailoring the light and environmental conditions to create ideal growing conditions.

Feisst Electrical completed the prewire and fit out of the specialised electrical components, including Desert Aire systems (humidifiers), nutrient systems and large scale grow lighting.

The extensive plant installation took place throughout the construction process; Greengrower being committed to delivering product to supermarkets. Numerous generators were installed as a temporary measure to enable production to commence whilst our contractors worked on completion of the contract.

Amongst many challenges, the project was delivered on time and under budget.

Interesting facts about Greengrower
  • Operating on One Grow Tunnel, GreenGrower produce between 800-1,000kg of bagged leaves per day, 365 days of the year.
  • The Grow Tunnel (excluding the Germination Room) is lit by 4,680 100W LED grow lamps, drawing over 2000Amps but still uses significantly less electricity than conventional greenhouses.
  • It is currently the largest vertical farming business in the Southern Hemisphere.

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