Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the cornerstone of a reliable electrical system, identifying potential issues before they escalate into costly problems.

Our thorough electrical condition assessments, including thermal imaging, provide insights into the overall health of your electrical infrastructure, allowing for strategic planning and resource allocation.

Electrical condition assessments

Electrical condition assessments

A condition assessment can assist with several electrical challenges when it comes to asset management:

  • Prioritising your maintenance programme
  • Identifying obsolete electrical and control equipment
  • Ensuring health and safety requirements are met
  • Ensuring the electrical equipment and installation complies with New Zealand legislation

Our team assess residential, industrial, commercial, or hazardous sites for Safety and Electrical compliance. Our electricians have experience to remedy non-conforming sites, plant, or equipment

Thermal imaging

Infrared Thermography can detect potentially serious faults before equipment fails.

The Thermography report will identify the exact area of the fault, so no time is wasted using elimination processes.

If thermal imaging is used as part of a regular preventative maintenance programme, it will lead to cost savings. Unexpected breakdowns in all types of plant can be prevented, while repairs and/or maintenance can be scheduled as required.

With in house certified thermographers and electrical inspectors on our team, we are proud to look after and service some of the highest profile sites in Hamilton and the wider Waikato through regular condition assessments and thermal imaging.

Thermal imaging

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