Electrical Compliance

Our team of skilled electricians are well-versed in the complex world of electrical compliance.

Including routine emergency light checks, test tagging, generator testing, and building warrant of fitness services.

These crucial tasks are essential to ensure the safety of building occupants and compliance with industry regulations.

Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting testing

It is a legal requirement that regular inspections of Emergency Lighting Systems be completed.

Our in-house certified IQP (Independent Qualified Person) can inspect and maintain your emergency lighting system, offering monthly, 6 monthly and annual compliance inspections to meet this requirement.

Emergency Power System compliance, testing & certification for BWOF (Building Warrant of Fitness)

Our IQPs inspect and maintain standby/backup/emergency diesel generators, battery back-up systems and Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) equipment.

All generators and associated equipment listed on a building’s compliance schedule as a specified system require an annual 12A form to be issued by an IQP.

Power switching systems, fuel systems and HVAC systems can all form part of the Emergency Power System and their correct maintenance and operation needs to be confirmed by the IQP before compliance can be issued.

Emergency Power System compliance, testing & certification for BWOF (Building Warrant of Fitness)

Test tagging

Electrical Safety Regulations require regular inspections and testing of any electrical equipment or EV chargers used by an employee. The reason for this is safety; making sure employees are made as safe as possible and avoiding any property damage on commercial premises.

We offer a comprehensive test and tag service, including:

  • Full appliance and electrical equipment testing
  • Free reminder service
  • Record of formal inspections and tests
  • A register of your electrical equipment, including repairs
  • RCD (residual current device) testing
  • Electrical repairs

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