NZ Blood

The New Zealand Blood Service opened their new purpose-built building on the corner of London and Anglesea Streets in August 2023.

Owned by Stark Property, this state-of-the-art blood donor facility was worked on by our specialist teams from Feisst Electrical and Structured Technologies who were involved in the full design and build for the base build (with Naylor Love) and fitout (with Unispace).

The base build and fitout programmes had significant overlaps due to the very tight timeframe; the NZ Blood team had to be moved in and operating by mid-August.

Special features included body protected areas for the donor floor and apheresis rooms. Feisst Electrical were engaged by Stark Property to design and install a new 75kWP grid tied solar system which included 170 panels. The panels were arranged into 9 PV strings and connected to a 60kVA rated solar inverter to supply the buildings main electrical power loads, via the main switchboard.

An interesting fact about the NZ Blood project

Our biggest challenge was supplying the fire-rated fuel tank for the generator on time – a design issue meant the generator doors didn’t fit the specified tank. Fortunately, we were able to work with the manufacturer to supply a new tank within 10 weeks, halving the normal lead time for a job like this.

The 75kW (170 panel) solar system on the roof generates 20-25% pf the building’s annual electricity demand.

NZ Blood
NZ Blood
NZ Blood
NZ Blood

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